Topic: Social life and customs

American vistas,
Diary in America.
Handbook of American folklore /
Richard West's Texas /
Georgia scenes : characters, incidents, &c., in the first half century of the Republic /
A little commonwealth; family life in Plymouth Colony.
Pays & gens de Normandie.
Pays & gens de Provence.
Pays & gens de Bretagne.
The Grandissimes.
Old voices; "for love of unforgotten times,"
Views of society and manners in America.
The Lisle letters : an abridgement /
Amish society,
Impressions of America = (Impressions d'Amerique)
Elizabethan life in town and country,
Pills, petticoats, and plows; the Southern country store,
Pays & gens de Loire.
Pays & gens du Rh^one.
Side-lights on the Georgian period,