Topic: Science

Science and Values the Aims of Science and Their Role in Scientific Debate.
Scientific elite : Nobel laureates in the United States /
What should we be worried about? : real scenarios that keep scientists up at night /
Problems of Cartesianism
Planets, potions and parchments scientific Hebraica from the Dead Sea scrolls to the eighteenth century /
Physics and the rise of scientific research in Canada
The history of nature /
Newton's dream
The ethical canary science, society and the human spirit /
Is the end of the world near? from crackpot predictions to scientific scenarios /
Merchants of despair radical environmentalists, criminal pseudo-scientists, and the fatal cult of antihumanism /
Let's be scientists : authentic learning in the science classroom /
Picture-perfect science lessons : using children's books to guide inquiry, 3-6 /
Even more picture-perfect science lessons : using children's books to guide inquiry, K-5 /
Social physics : how good ideas spread-the lessons from a new science /
The perfect theory : a century of geniuses and the battle over general relativity /
Failed evidence why law enforcement resists science /
The philosophy of nature a guide to the new essentialism /
Churchill's bomb : how the United States overtook Britain in the first nuclear arms race /
The way of science : finding truth and meaning in a scientific worldview /