Topic: Research

A student's guide to history /
Normal family processes /
The role of centers for science education in the production, demonstration, and dissemination of research,
Research implications for writing in the content areas /
Ethical problems in psychological research /
Expanding the international dimension of higher education /
The concepts of over- and underachievement.
Evaluation in higher education
Psi : scientific studies of the psychic realm /
Reconstructing African culture history.
The organization of educational research in the United States,
Current trends: psychology in the world emergency
Getting published in education journals /
The role of colleges and universities in the education of the aged,
Research in parapsychology.
Psychic mysteries of the north : discoveries from the Maritime Provinces and beyond /
The psychic realm : what can you believe? /
The law of psychic phenomena; a working hypothesis for the systematic study of hypnotism, spiritism, mental therapeutics, etc.
Song of the siren : a parapsychological odyssey /