Topic: Religious aspects

Speaking in parables : a study in metaphor and theology /
All we're meant to be : a Biblical approach to women's liberation; with study guide /
Sex worship: an exposition of the phallic origin of religion /
The religion of Jesus, and Love, the law of life /
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Communicating with junior highs
The greatest thing in the world : and other addresses /
Sex and the whole person : a Christian view /
Christianity and sex,
Planet on strike.
Theology and meaning: a critique of metatheological scepticism
Language in worship; reflections on a crisis
Problems of suffering in religions of the world.
The future of hope : theology as eschatology /
So help me God: religion and the Presidency, Wilson to Nixon,
The Captain America complex; the dilemma of zealous nationalism.
God's sense of humor--where?--when?--how? /
Broken churches, broken nation : denomenational schisms and the coming of the American Civil War /
Sorcerers and healing spirits : continuity and change in an aboriginal medical system /
Islam and the politics of meaning in Palestinian nationalism /