Topic: Religious aspects

The community, the individual and the common good : 'to Idion' and 'to Sympheron' in the Greco-Roman world and Paul /
Unity in diversity : mysticism, messianism and the construction of religious authority in Islam /
John Cage and Buddhist ecopoetics /
Introducing ecofeminist theologies /
Antagonist Principle : John Henry Newman and the Paradox of Personality.
Coming to our senses : affect and an order of things for global culture /
Religion and violence : a dialectical engagement through the Insights of Bernard Lonergan /
Amusements, their uses and abuses : testimony of Progressive Friends.
Churches and religion in the Second World War /
A short account of the people called Quakers : their rise, religious principles and settlement in America, mostly collected from different authors for the information of all serious inquirers, particularly foreigners /
Southern women and racial adjustment /
A short account of the life and death of Miss Alice Gilbert : who died, August the 27th, 1772. In the nineteenth year of her age.
Between earth and sky : our intimate connections to trees /
Religion and the rise of capitalism; a historical study,
The empty pulpit; a study in preaching as communication
Deus in machina : religion, technology, and the things in between /
Religion, technology, and the great and little divergences : China and Europe compared, c. 700-1800 /
Religion and sustainability : social movements and the politics of the environment /
Uniformity with God's will /
A robbery committed, and restitution made, both to God and man /