Topic: Political aspects

Minerva's message stabilizing the French Revolution /
Politics of the Northwest Passage
Romantics at war glory and guilt in the age of terrorism /
Terror in the heart of freedom citizenship, sexual violence, and the meaning of race in the postemancipation South /
Cuba in the American imagination metaphor and the imperial ethos /
For the freedom of her race Black women and electoral politics in Illinois, 1877-1932 /
A movement without marches African American women and the politics of poverty in postwar Philadelphia /
Infectious ideas U.S. political responses to the AIDS crisis /
The world in Canada diaspora, demography, and domestic politics /
Before Jim Crow the politics of race in postemancipation Virginia /
Slavery and politics in the early American republic
Negotiating paradise U.S. tourism and empire in twentieth-century Latin America /
America is the prison arts and politics in prison in the 1970s /
The neoliberal city governance, ideology, and development in American urbanism /
The art of the gut manhood, power, and ethics in Japanese politics /
Black culture and the New Deal the quest for civil rights in the Roosevelt era /
Paulo Freire & the cold war politics of literacy
Breaking the deadlock the 2000 election, the constitution, and the courts /
The politics of global supply chains : power and governance beyond the state /
Dog whistle politics : how coded racial appeals have reinvented racism and wrecked the middle class /