Topic: Philosophy

Derrida and Joyce texts and contexts /
The outer limits of reason : what science, mathematics, and logic cannot tell us /
Feeling extended : sociality as extended body-becoming-mind /
Beyond choices : the design of ethical gameplay /
Everything you need to know about political ideology /
The why of things causality in science, medicine, and life /
Anthropology and the politics of representation
Revolution of the heart a genealogy of love in China, 1900-1950 /
Auden's O : the loss of one's sovereignty in the making of nothing /
Kant and the concept of race : late eighteenth-century writings /
The free animal : Rousseau on free will and human nature /
Legal orientalism China, the United States, and modern law /
Seeds of hope : wisdom and wonder from the world of plants /
Mobilisation de l'objet technique dans la production de soi
Politics as radical creation : Herbert Marcuse and Hannah Arendt on political performativity /
The plays of Shakespeare founded on literary forms /
Plato at the Googleplex : why philosophy won't go away /
Speculative everything : design, fiction, and social dreaming /
Adventures of the symbolic post-Marxism and radical democracy /
Night passages philosophy, literature, and film /