Topic: Philosophy

Theatre in the Expanded Field : Seven Approaches to Performance.
Moral panics and the copyright wars /
Attunement : architectural meaning after the crisis of modern science /
World society : the writings of John W. Meyer /
Basic problems of philosophy : selected readings /
The nature of the liberal arts.
Raffaele Pettazzoni and Herbert Jennings Rose, correspondence 1927-1958 : the long friendship between the author and the translator of The all-knowing God, with an appendix of documents /
Why literature? : the value of literary reading and what it means for teaching /
Now and Rome : Lucan and Vergil as theorists of politics and space /
Liberalism and value pluralism /
Thomas Hobbes : Leviathan.
Noah's ark : essays on architecture /
What kind of creatures are we? /
Viewing the future in the past : historical ecology applications to environmental issues /
An historical introduction to modern philosophy.
The outer limits of reason : what science, mathematics, and logic cannot tell us /
Science and values : the aims of science and their role in scientific debate /
Kepler's cosmological synthesis : astrology, mechanism and the soul /
Persistence through time, and across possible worlds /
Studies in the philosophy of science /