Topic: Philosophy

American contempt for liberty /
Dialectic of enlightenment : philosophical fragments /
Formalism and the sources of international law : a theory of the ascertainment of legal rules /
The Neanderthal legacy : an archaeological perspective from western Europe /
The radical imagination : social movement research in the age of austerity /
Physics and logic of life /
The soft underbelly of reason : the passions in the seventeenth century /
Three African social theorists on class struggle, political liberation, and indigenous culture : Cheikh Anta Diop, Amilcar Cabral, Kwame Nkrumah /
Habermas /
The reality of Film : Theories of Filmic Reality.
Outlines of a philosophy of religion based on psychology and history.
Bruno Latour : reassembling the political /
Middle range theory for nursing /
Filling the credibility gap /
Is philosophy androcentric? /
What's happened to the humanities? /
On the use of philosophy three essays.
Against language : dissatisfaction with language as theme and as impulse towards experiments in twentieth century poetry /
Point of view in the cinema : a theory of narration and subjectivity in classical film /
Intermittency : the concept of historical reason in recent French philosophy /