Topic: Law and legislation

Clean coal/dirty air : or how the Clean air act became a multibillion-dollar bail-out for high-sulfur coal producers and what should be done about it /
Baseball on trial : the origin of baseball's antitrust exemption /
When robots kill artificial intelligence under criminal law /
A simple nullity? : the Wi Parata case in New Zealand law and history /
Hazard or hardship crafting global norms on the right to refuse unsafe work /
The crusade for equality in the workplace : the Griggs v. Duke Power Story /
The electronic silk road : how the web binds the world in commerce /
The limits of sovereignty property confiscation in the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War /
Law and capitalism what corporate crises reveal about legal systems and economic development around the world /
Bottlenecks : a new theory of equal opportunity /
The digital person technology and privacy in the information age /
Sexuality, politics, and social control in Virginia, 1920-1945
NEA federal income tax guide for teachers : 1983 handbook /
Promises to keep technology, law, and the future of entertainment /
A time to embrace same-sex relationships in religion, law, and politics /
Encountering religion in the workplace : the legal rights and responsibilities of workers and employers /
Privacy at risk the new government surveillance and the Fourth Amendment /
Custom, land and livelihood in rural south China the traditional land law of Hong Kong's New Territories, 1750-1950 /
The Microsoft case antitrust, high technology, and consumer welfare /
Nature's ghosts confronting extinction from the age of Jefferson to the age of ecology /