Topic: Indians of North America

The red and the black /
Fathers and children : Andrew Jackson and the subjugation of the American Indian /
Formal education in an American Indian community
The life and diary of David Brainerd /
Satanta, the great chief of the Kiowas and his people,
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, who called themselves the Nimipu--"the real people" : a poem /
The Shawnee Prophet /
Wild life on the Plains and horrors of Indian warfare.
Progress report to the Governor and the Legislature on Indians in rural and reservation areas.
The Indian tribes of North America.
American Indian medicine,
The ethnography of Franz Boas.
A Lipan Apache mission, San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz, 1762-1771.
An introduction to American archaeology /
The works of Hubert Howe Bancroft.
Buckskin and blanket days : memoirs of a friend of the Indians written in 1905 /
Tribes of western Washington & northwestern Oregon /
Tribes of the extreme Northwest : the Aleutians & adjacent territories /
Reflections on the Indian way /
The mission as a frontier institution in the Spanish-American colonies ;