Topic: English literature

Marlowe's counterfeit profession Ovid, Spenser, counter-nationhood /
Last essays, mainly on Anglo-Irish literature /
Art's undoing : in the wake of a radical aestheticism /
What is a classic? : postcolonial rewriting and invention of the canon /
Spellbound : the fairy tale and the Victorians /
Henri Bergson and British modernism
The Mind in creation essays on English Romantic literature in honour of Ross G. Woodman /
Jewish presences in English literature
Carlyle and the economics of terror a study of revisionary gothicism in The French Revolution /
The chartered mirror : literary and critical essays.
Cultural capital the problem of literary canon formation /
Romantic ecologies and colonial cultures in the British Atlantic world, 1770-1850
Taming cannibals race and the Victorians /
Outlaw rhetoric figuring vernacular eloquence in Shakespeare's England /
Literature in the first media age : Britain between the wars /
The Anglo-Saxon literature handbook /
The voices of England and America /
Feminist narrative ethics : tacit persuasion in modernist form /
Supreme fictions studies in the work of William Blake, Thomas Carlyle, W.B. Yeats, and D.H. Lawrence /
What else is pastoral? Renaissance literature and the environment /