Topic: English language

A study to identify the content of linguistically based grammar instruction of a junior high school /
Comparisons of the reading and spelling achievement and quality of handwriting of groups of English, Scottish, and American children.
Oral and written language of children in grades 4 and 6 compared with the language of their textbooks
The English language /
Suffixes and other word-final elements of English : a compilation of more than 1,500 common and technical free forms, bound forms, and roots that frequently occur at the ends of words, accompanied by a detailed description of each, showing its origin, meanings, history, functions, uses and applications, variant forms, and related forms, together with illustrative examples, the whole uniquely arranged in reverse alphabetical order for ease of use, supplemented by a detailed index, in normal alphabetical order, containing entries for all of the foregoing /
Right-brain lesson plans for a left-brain world : a book of lesson plans for English and speech /
Words and their ways in English speech,
Unified English composition
Research and the development of English programs in the junior college; proceedings of the Tempe Conference, 1965.
Loanwords index /
Pattern practice in the teaching of standard English to students with a non-standard dialect.
Teaching writing in all disciplines /
Higher lessons in English : a work on English grammar and composition, in which the science of the language is made tributary to the art of expression. A course of practical lessons carefully graded and adapted to every-day use in the school-room /
Contemporary business writing
Writing : a statewide assessment in Texas /
Reading in a second language : hypotheses, organization, and practice /
Research implications for writing in the content areas /
A desk-book of errors in English, including notes on colloquialisms and slang to be avoided in conversation,
The correct word; how to use it; a complete alphabetic list,
Advanced grammar and composition,