Topic: Economic conditions

The people of England : a short social and economic history /
A Southern prophecy: The prosperity of the South dependent upon the elevation of the Negro (1889)
The political economy of slavery; studies in the economy & society of the slave South
American radicalism, 1865-1901 /
The new country : a social history of the American frontier, 1776-1890 /
The making of modern Britain; life and work from George III to Elizabeth II
Social class and the urban school; the impact of pupil background on teachers and principals
Coffee and capitalism in the Venezuelan Andes /
Europe since World War II: the big change.
The five republics of Central America; their political and economic development and their relations with the United States,
Family factors and school dropout: 1920-1960.
Texas economic growth, 1890 to World War II : from frontier to industrial giant /
Social theories of Jacksonian democracy; representative writings of the period 1825-1850.
Since yesterday : the nineteen-thirties in America ; September 3, 1929-September 3, 1939 /
Progress report to the Governor and the Legislature on Indians in rural and reservation areas.
The first industrial nation; an economic history of Britain, 1700-1914.
A history of the Scottish people, 1560-1830,
Industrial slavery in the Old South
Puzzled America.
Japanese-American relations in the 1970s.