Topic: Economic aspects

International economic law in the 21st century : constitutional pluralism and multilevel governance of interdependent public goods /
The political economy of slavery : studies in the economy and society of the slave South /
Bracero railroaders : the forgotten World War II story of Mexican workers in the U.S. West /
Revolutionizing innovation : users, communities, and open innovation /
Reengineering the university : how to be mission centered, market smart, and margin conscious /
Industrialization and economic development /
Lessons from the great recession : at the crossroads of sustainability and recovery /
Wiring the world : the social and cultural creation of global telegraph networks /
China's next strategic advantage : from imitation to innovation /
Baseball's power shift : how the players union, the fans, and the media changed American sports culture /
Discurso juridico economico-politico em que se mostra a origem dos pastos que neste Reino chamão communs : sua differença dos publicos, e os direitos porque deverião regular-se sem offender os da propriedade, e dominio dos particulares a beneficio da agricultura ... /
Lettres critiques et politiques sur les colonies and le commerce des villes maritimes de France : adressées à G.T. Raynal /
You asked me what it was the North desired.
An Address, to the inhabitants in general of Great Britain, and Ireland : relating to a few of the consequences which must naturally result from the abolition of the slave trade.
The "ruin" of Jamaica /
Lettre à M.S.D., membre du Parlement, sur l'intérêt de l'Europe, au salut des colonies de l'Amérique /
Report of the acting committee to the standing committee of West India Planters and Merchants : at their half-yearly meeting held ... 26th January 1848.
A descriptive account of the island of Jamaica : with remarks upon the cultivation of the sugar-cane ... also observations and reflections upon what would probably be the consequences of an abolition of the slave-trade, and of the emancipation of the slaves /
In honour to the administration : the importance of the African expedition considered: with copies of the memorials, ... The whole as planned and designed, by Malachy Postlethwayt, ... To which are added, observations, illustrating the said memorials.
A list of the absentees of Irelanditted to the consideration of the legislature of Ireland.