Topic: Civilization

The future of the American past; a study course on American values,
Defining America; a Christian critique of the American dream,
Romanticism and nationalism in the old South /
The progressive mind, 1890-1917
The stammering century.
Santayana on America; essays, notes, and letters on American life, literature, and philosophy.
The individual and the crowd; a study of identity in America.
The legacy of Greece.
A radical at large: American essays.
Sources of the American mind; a collection of documents and texts in American intellectual history.
Intellectual alienation in the 1920's.
Character & opinion in the United States.
Nationalism in American thought, 1930-1945
The culture of the twenties,
Dream on, America; a history of faith and practice
A New England town: the first hundred years; Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1736
A documentary history of American thought and society,
Ideology and power in the age of Jackson;
Popular culture and industrialism, 1865-1890.
Puritanism and the American experience.