Topic: American literature

The devils and Canon Barham; ten essays on poets, novelists and monsters.
The single vision; the alienation of American intellectuals
Confirmation, an anthology of AfricanAmerican women /
American literature survey,
American literature survey /
Studies in classic American literature,
Colonial American writing,
Literature of the early Republic,
New England local color literature : a women's tradition /
Santayana on America; essays, notes, and letters on American life, literature, and philosophy.
American writers for children, 1900-1960 /
American thought and writing,
Andrew Lytle, Walker Percy, Peter Taylor : a reference guide /
Animals in American literature /
Black women writers at work /
Chicano authors : inquiry by interview /
Virgin land; the American West as symbol and myth.
American literature.
American colonial writers, 1606-1734 /
The living dead : a study of the vampire in Romantic literature /