Topic: African Americans

The Negro church in America
Black religion; the Negro and Christianity in the United States
Emancipation and equal rights : politics and constitutionalism in the Civil War era /
A Southern prophecy: The prosperity of the South dependent upon the elevation of the Negro (1889)
The betrayal of the Negro, from Rutherford B. Hayes to Woodrow Wilson,
Freedom bound/
Radicals and conservatives, and other essays on the Negro in America.
Roots of soul : the psychology of Black expressiveness : an unprecedented and intensive examination of Black folk expressions in the enrichment of life /
The red and the black /
Rebellion or revolution?
Reconstruction and the American Negro, 1865-1900/
America's black past; a reader in Afro-American history.
The Negro versus equality, 1762-1826 /
The crisis of the Negro intellectual.
White racism, its history, pathology, and practice /
King, a biography /
Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave,
The souls of black folk : essays and sketches /
The narrative and selected writings /
The mind and mood of black America; 20th century thought