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Lohengrin /
Un Ballo in maschera /
La Traviata /
The abduction from the Seraglio /
Billy Budd : an opera /
The Saturday book ... : a new miscellany. 1941/42-.
Art of the Western world.
Art of the Western world.
The Early Renaissance in Florence ; The early Renaissance in Northern Europe.
The High Renaissance : Rome and Florennce : the artist as genius ; Venice : pleasure and power.
Realms of light : the Baroque : The Baroque in Italy and Austria ; The Baroque in Spain and the Netherlands.
The Age of reason ; The age of passion.
A Fresh view : Impressionism and Post-impressionism : Realism and Impressionism ; Post-impressionism.
Into the twentieth century ; Between the wars.
In our own time : shattering the myths ; New, newer, newest.
Don Giovanni /
Same Kind of Different As Me /
The Western tradition.
Do unto others /
Eleanor Roosevelt : a restless spirit /