St. Paul Daily News.
St. Louis Enquirer.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Wisconsin State Register.
Wisconsin Temperance Journal.
Wisconsin Territorial Gazette.
Wisconsin Volunteer.
Woonsocket Patriot.
Wyandotte Commercial Gazette.
Yenowine's Illustrated News.
Address by Thomas H. Stockton, chaplain U.S.H.R : delivered in the hall of the House of Representatives, on the day of national humiliation, fasting, and prayer, Friday, January 4, 1861.
Exposition of sentiments adopted by the Pennsylvania Yearly Meeting of Progressive Friends.
Amusements, their uses and abuses : testimony of Progressive Friends.
The first annual report of the New York Committee of Vigilance for the year 1837 : together with importance facts relative to their proceedings.
Proceedings of the Yearly Meeting of Congregational Friends, held at Waterloo, N.Y., from the 4th to the 6th of sixth month inclusive, 1849 : with an appendix.
Review of the Massachusetts proposition for abolishing the slave representation /
Winchester Gazette.
The consequences of intemperance : shewn in the history of one of the members of the Manchester Provident Society : a narrative of facts /
American slavery : organic sins, or, the iniquity of licensed injustice.
Addresses delivered at the re-opening of the Congregational Church in Peacham, Vermont, September 28, 1871 : with an appendix.