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Flowers of Texas.
Official highway travel map.
The gold and coal fields of Alaska : together with the principal steamer routes and trails.
The Southeast /
The Oregon Trail.
The United States and adjoining portions of Canada and Mexico /
Australia /
Theatre of military operations in Luzon, 1899 /
Mid city map of Washington D.C. ; Map of the District of Columbia showing main thoroughfares and points of interest /
Map of the United States (geographically correct) /
Rand McNally physical/political globe /
Mapping an American frontier, Oregon in 1850 /
Indian land cessions /
North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Eastern Tennessee /
Historic forts of the Old West.
Christian mission stations in Africa, 1920's.
Population origin groups in rural Texas /
The Mid-Atlantic States /
Landforms of Utah in proportional relief /
Manhattan /