Author: United States. Congress House

Statues of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin erected in Statuary hall of the Capitol building at Washington. Proceedings in the House of Representatives on the occasion of the reception and acceptance of the statues from the state of Texas.
Captain Theodore Reed : letter from Colonel James A. Hardie in answer to a resolution of the House of 22[n]d of March last to the Secretary of War, in regard to the murder of Captain Theodore Reed of Philadelphia, by the citizens of Accomack County, Virginia.
Message of the President of the United States, and accompanying documents, to the two house of Congress, at the commencement of the second session of the thirty-eighth Congress.
Speech of Mr. James Strong of New-York on the tariff bill /
Speech of Alexander Smyth of Virginia on the resolution amendatory of the Constitution /
Speech of Mr. Sprague of Maine on the tariff bill /
Memorial of farmers, mechanics and others of Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties against an increase of duty on imported manufactures.
Memorial of the citizens of Charleston, praying the establishment of an uniform system of bankruptcy.
Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting a report of the surveys of the Kennebec River and of contemplated routes for canals connected with the waters of the said rivers.
Representation of sundry citizens of Providence in the state of Rhode Island upon the subject of an increased duty on certain imports.
Memorial of the inhabitants of Dutchess County in the state of New York against an increase of duty on imported merchandise, andc..
Speech of Hon. Frederick P. Stanton of Tennessee on the Nebraska and Kansas bill /
Admission of Oregon : speech of Hon. Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia in the House of Representatives, February 12, 1859.
Speech of Mr. Stetson of New York on the annexation of Texas /
"Hards" and "softs" : speech of Mr. Smith of Alabama in the House of Representatives, Jan. 18, 1854 : upon the subject of the differences between the two branches of the Democratic party of New York : and in reply to Mr. Cutting of New York.
The Galphin claim : speech of Mr. E. Stanly of North Carolina in the House of Representatives, Saturday, July 6, 1850.
Speech of Hon. Benjamin Stanton of Ohio in the House of Representatives : April 23, 1856 : on the power of Congress to exclude slavery from the territories.
Apportionment bill.
The treasury note bill : speech of Hon. Jno. A. Bingham, of Ohio, in the House of Representatives, February 4, 1862.
Obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of Hon. Alexander H. Buell, a Representative in Congress from the state of New York /