Author: Project Muse

In the public interest medical licensing and the disciplinary process /
Jordan's ark one man's quest to catalog the living world /
Ecologies of urbanism in India metropolitan civility and sustainability /
Aristotle's concept of chance accidents, cause, necessity, and determinism /
Clandestine marriage botany and Romantic culture /
Writing back American expatriates and narratives of return /
The west wing
Thrill of the chaste the allure of Amish romance novels /
Selections from the art of party-crashing in medieval Iraq
A place we call home gender, race, and justice in Syracuse /
Finding the woman who didn't exist the curious life of Gisele d'Estoc /
The Sopranos
From our springtime literary memoirs and portraits of Yiddish New York /
The time remaining
Humour in Chinese life and culture resistance and control in modern times /
"Other people's diasporas" negotiating race in contemporary Irish and Irish American culture /
The photographed cat picturing human-feline ties, 1890-1940 /
Raging against the machine political opposition under authoritarianism in Egypt /
Who's your Paddy? racial expectations and the struggle for Irish American identity /