Author: Project Muse

Signs of resistance American deaf cultural history, 1900 to World War II /
The William Desmond reader
Southern crucifix, southern cross Catholic-Protestant relations in the old south /
Music, cosmology, and the politics of harmony in early China
The darkness of the present poetics, anachronism, and the anomaly /
Fanny Hill in Bombay the making and unmaking of John Cleland /
Precocious children and childish adults age inversion in Victorian literature /
Arguing with angels Enochian magic and modern occulture /
Hegel's Trinitarian claim a critical reflection /
The truth machine a social history of the lie detector /
The scummers
Crum the novel /
Working class radicals the Socialist Party in West Virginia, 1898-1920 /
Plague, fear, and politics in San Francisco's Chinatown
Epic in American culture settlement to reconstruction /
Atomic comics cartoonists confront the nuclear world /
The shaman and the heresiarch a new interpretation of the Li sao /
The Zukofsky era modernity, margins, and the avant-garde /
Aristotle's concept of chance accidents, cause, necessity, and determinism /
The view we're granted poems /