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Mapping the Cold War : cartography and the framing of America's international power /
Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition /
Writing childbirth : women's rhetorical agency in labor and online /
Democracy and the culture of skepticism : political trust in Argentina and Mexico /
Remaking America : democracy and public policy in an age of inequality /
Cinema and social change in Germany and Austria /
National elections in Turkey : people, politics, and the party system /
Market orientalism : cultural economy and the Arab Gulf States /
Disability, deformity, and disease in the grimms' fairy tales /
L. A. story : immigrant workers and the future of the U.S. Labor Movement /
Civic and uncivic values in Kosovo : history, politics, and value transformation /
Governed by a spirit of opposition the origins of American political practice in colonial Philadelphia /
Seven controlled vocabularies and obituary 2004, the joy of cooking airport novel musical poem painting film photo landscape /
Alabama governors a political history of the state /
Making tobacco bright creating an American commodity, 1617-1937 /
What is a cadence? : Theoretical and analytical perspectives on cadences in the classical repertoire /
Writing reconstruction : race, gender, and citizenship in the postwar south /
Negative liberty : public opinion and the terrorist attacks on America /
Dramaturgy in motion : at work on dance and movement performance /
Keywords in writing studies /