Ron Moody

Moody in 1975 Ron Moody (born Ronald Moodnick; 8 January 1924 – 11 June 2015) was an English actor, singer, composer and writer best known for his portrayal of Fagin in ''Oliver!'' (1968) and its 1983 Broadway revival. Moody earned a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for the film, as well as a Tony Award nomination for the stage production. Other notable projects include ''The Mouse on the Moon'' (1963), Mel Brooks's ''The Twelve Chairs'' (1970) and ''Flight of the Doves'' (1971), in which Moody shared the screen with ''Oliver!'' co-star Jack Wild.

Moody holds the peculiar distinction of having portrayed the wizard Merlin in two Disney films, ''Unidentified Flying Oddball'' (1979) and ''A Kid in King Arthur's Court'' (1995). Provided by Wikipedia
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