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James Brooks

James, Jim, or Jimmy Brooks may refer to:

* James Brooks (American football) (born 1958), American football player * James Brooks (architect) (1825–1901), English architect * James Brooks (bishop) (1512–1558), Bishop of Gloucester * James Brooks (civil servant) (1863–1941), British Admiralty Director of Victualling * James Brooks (painter) (1906–1992), American painter * James Brooks (politician) (1810–1873), United States Representative from New York * James Brooks (rugby union) (born 1980), English rugby player * James Brooks (Texas Ranger) (1855–1944), American lawman * James Brooks, Jr. (1942–1999), American actor, known by his stage name of Stephen Brooks * James F. Brooks (born 1955), American historian * James L. Brooks (born 1940), American producer, writer and film director * Jim Brooks, co-owner of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms ice hockey team * Jimmy Brooks, fictional character on ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'' * James Brooks (electronic musician), Canadian-American electronic musician * James Brooks, guitarist with British post-rock band Appliance * [[James Brooks (born 1992), Irish Born Provided by Wikipedia