Table of Contents:
  • ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""1 First Steps: Erasmus' Greek Studies""; ""2 The Years of Apprenticeship: Erasmus' Translations from Libanius and Euripides""; ""3 A Friendly Competition: More's and Erasmus' Translations from Lucian""; ""4 The Cambridge Years: Plutarch's Moralia""; ""5 Philology, the Handmaiden of Theology: The Translation and Annotation of the New Testament""; ""6 The Theologian's Parerga: Isocrates, Galen, Xenophon""; ""7 Working for the Cause: Study Aids and Exhortations""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""
  • ""Index and Chronology of Erasmus' Translations, Editions of Greek Authors, and Study Aids""""Bibliography""; ""Index""; ""A""; ""B""; ""C""; ""D""; ""E""; ""F""; ""G""; ""H""; ""I""; ""J""; ""K""; ""L""; ""M""; ""N""; ""P""; ""R""; ""S""; ""T""; ""U""; ""V""; ""W""; ""X""; ""Y""; ""Z""