Laura's writing journey

Laura is a Year 9 pupil who is passionate about writing. She lets us into her world as we follow her developing a piece of extended creative writing over a period of a week. She explains her thought processes, from early plot, setting and general planning through various drafts to completion, narrat...

पूर्ण विवरण

में बचाया:
ग्रंथसूची विवरण
निगमित लेखकों: Flashback Television (Firm) (निर्माता), Double Exposure (Firm) (निर्माता)
स्वरूप: इलेक्ट्रोनिक वीडियो
प्रकाशित: [London] : Teachers TV/UK Department of Education, 2007.
श्रृंखला:KS3/4 English ; 1
ऑनलाइन पहुंच:Available via Alexander Street Press
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