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Topic: History

Late antiquity : Eastern perspectives /
The Roman army : a social and institutional history /
Strangers either way : the lives of Croatian refugees in their new home /
A family of no prominence : the descendants of Pak Tŏkhwa and the birth of modern Korea /
Bones, bodies, behavior essays on biological anthropology /
The grounding of positive philosophy the Berlin lectures /
Iron eyes the life and teachings of the Ōbaku Zen master Tetsugen Dōkō /
The death of classical cinema Hitchcock, Lang, Minnelli /
The Hongzhou school of Chan Buddhism in eighth- through tenth-century China
Textiles and textile production in Europe from prehistory to AD 400 /
North America's Indian trade in European commerce and imagination, 1580-1850 /
Between birth and death : female infanticide in nineteenth-century China /
Resilience in South Sudanese women : hope for daughters of the Nile /
A companion to astrology in the Renaissance /
Breaking with the past : the Maritime Customs Service and the global origins of modernity in China /
The business of identity : Jews, Muslims, and economic life in medieval Egypt /
Strange visitors : documents in the history of Indigenous and settler relations in Canada from 1876 /
Riel's defence : perspectives on his speeches /
The development of postsecondary education systems in Canada : a comparison between British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, 1980-2010 /
Marxism and National Identity : Socialism, Nationalism, and National Socialism During the French Fin de Siecle.

Topic: History and criticism

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