Tom Standage

San Francisco, California Tom Standage (born 1969) is a British journalist, author, and editorial executive is currently serving as the Deputy Editor of ''The Economist'' newspaper under editor-in-chef, Zanny Minton Beddoes. As head of the newspaper's digital strategy, Standage is the editor-in-chief of ''The Economist'''s website, applications, and digital platform. He first joined the paper in 1998 as a science correspondent from where he was successively appointed technology editor, business editor, and finally, digital editor.

Born and raised in England, Standage graduated from Oxford University with a degree in engineering and computing. He began his career in journalism as a science and technology writer for ''The Guardian'' and ''The Daily Telegraph.'' Standage is the author of six books including but not limited to ''The Victorian Internet'' (1998), ''A History of the World in 6 Glasses'' (2005), and ''Writing on the Wall'' (2013). Provided by Wikipedia
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