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Robert Livingston

Robert Livingston may refer to:

*Robert Livingston the Elder (1654–1728), New York colonial official, and first lord of Livingston Manor *Robert Livingston the Younger (1663–1725), mayor of Albany *Robert Livingston (1688–1775) of Clermont *Robert Livingston (1708–1790), third lord of Livingston Manor *Robert Livingston (1718–1775) (middle initial, "R"), Whig politician in New York *Robert R. Livingston (chancellor) (1746–1813), of the Louisiana Purchase, "The Chancellor", drafter of the Declaration of Independence, partner in creating the ''Clermont'' **''Robert R. Livingston'' (Palmer), an 1875 bronze sculpture *Robert Le Roy Livingston (1778–1836), U.S. Representative from New York *Robert James Livingston (1811–1891), American banker *Robert Reginald Livingston (1888–1962), member of the 146th New York State Legislature (1923) *Robert Livingston (Zen teacher) (born 1933), Roshi, New Orleans Zen Temple *Robert Livingston (actor) (1904–1988), American actor *Robert Livingston (scientist) (1918–2002), American physician and neuroscientist *Robert Livingston (ice hockey) (1908–1974), American ice hockey player *Bob Livingston (born 1943), former U.S. Representative from Louisiana from 1977 to 1999 *Bob Livingston (musician) (born 1948), Texas musician Provided by Wikipedia