Robert Buderi

Robert Buderi is an American journalist, author, and editor. Buderi served as technology editor of BusinessWeek from 1990-1992 and editor-in-chief of MIT's Technology Review from 2002–2004. He was a research fellow at MIT's Center for International Studies from 2005–2007. In 2007, he founded Xconomy, a national business and technology news and media website based in Boston, for which he is CEO and editor-in-chief.

Buderi's first book, ''The Invention that Changed the World: How a Small Group of Radar Pioneers Won the Second World War and Launched a Technological Revolution'' was published in 1996 by Simon and Schuster. It covers the technology of radar (RAdio Detection And Ranging), and argues how it determined the outcome of some very infamous WWII battles (e.g., the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic, the Battle of Midway) and eventually led to Allied victory in the war. It also includes information about how radar technology led to major innovations in space exploration during the Cold War era. In the book, Buderi demonstrates masterful knowledge of the topic and solidifies his position as a prominent radar historian. This techno-thriller touches on important historical events, while also establishing connections to the process and benefits of innovation to mankind. Provided by Wikipedia
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