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Jennifer Abbott

Jennifer Abbott is a Canadian director and editor, who specializes in social justice and environmental documentaries. She is best known as the co-director and editor of the documentary, ''The Corporation'' (2003), which examines large corporations in the 21st century. The documentary received 26 awards, including a Sundance Film Festival award, a Genie for best documentary and a top ten film of the year by the Toronto International Film Festival - though disqualified from the Oscars as an Ontario broadcast preceded the LA theatrical release.

Most recently, Abbott co-wrote and edited Sea Blind [], about the sea route opening along the melting Arctic Ocean and the price of shipping our stuff. It screened at the 2015 Paris climate talks and is making the rounds to the ports of Europe projected onto walls of shipping containers.

Abbott is the co-writer, co-director and editor of Us and Them [] about four homeless and addicted street people shot over the course of 10 years and the Executive Producer and Editor of I Am []. She was commissioned to create the short film Brave New Minds for the interactive website Unspeak by Amsterdam's Submarine Channel []. Abbott's first feature documentary, ''A Cow at My Table'' (1998), explores contemporary Western attitudes to livestock and meat production. Her early work includes the experimental short ''Skinned'' screened at NY's Museum of Modern Art []. She has taught at the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver and lives on a permaculture farm on a small island on Canada's West Coast. Provided by Wikipedia